About 206 South Broadway

The newly renovated 206 South Broadway Building in extremely desirable downtown Rochester, Minnesota, offers prospective companies and organizations an outstanding commercial and office real estate leasing opportunity. In one of the Midwest’s fastest growing cities, the 206 South Broadway property (formerly known as the Associated Bank Building) provides stunning views with unique Class A office space available up to 20,000 square feet. Leasing of whole floors are available on the second and third floors with corridor office space available to lease on floors four through seven.

Amenities in this seven-story Rochester landmark include Skyway access to Mayo Clinic and a connected parking ramp. Many great retailers and fantastic restaurants are all within a very short, one to three-block radius, all connected by the excellent downtown Rochester skyway system. Furthermore, world-renown landlord Bloom International Realty offers tenants brand new elevators plus new HVAC and Mechanical.  206 South Broadway Property also offers a top-notch, professional on-site managerial team by local Rochester-based Cornerstone Management, a seasoned commercial real estate development and property manager firm lead by top industry executives and staff.

About Cornerstone Management

Cornerstone Management maintains its’ commercial and residential properties to the highest quality standards. Our local property management team keeps a vigilant eye on our clients’ buildings and stays in touch to be sure we’re meeting all needs and exceeding objectives. Landlords and other clients know that items such as snow removal, landscaping, fire protection, and exterior maintenance are handled by professionals with a proven record of customer satisfaction.

If you do encounter something that needs our attention, you can let us know easily and quickly at any time of any day. With Cornerstone Management, you can depend on a responsive team focused on customer satisfaction. Plus, with the 206 South Broadway Building, our management, and maintenance team office out of this building itself!

About The Landlord

Bloom Properties / Bloom International Realty

At Bloom we invest in and develop communities as well as mixed-use developments integrating aesthetics, quality living and value-added offerings.

Each project is carefully crafted to add clear value to its surroundings and target audience. Our developments range from residential areas and community resorts in well-connected transit areas to commercial offices and retail spaces.

We place great importance on the end user’s needs to insure a highly rewarding lifestyle in Bloom communities.

Bloom Properties is one of the UAE’s foremost real estate companies, committed to building, operating and investing in premium communities and enriching the lives of our customers through the development and management of real estate, education and hospitality assets. Bloom Properties is driven by its vision to go beyond the buyer and investors’ expectations through design and partnerships with best in class providers to meet the aspirations of new urban communities in their demand for a better lifestyle and quality of life.

Bloom living life

As a customer-focused organization, people are at the center of our vision to design and develop integrated communities in favoured locations that combine all components of luxury, leisure, comfort and modern lifestyle and meet the varied tastes and expectations of people in line with the best international standards. Our passion for excellence drives us forward and helps us maintain our place at the forefront of the industry, making us a synonym for quality and reliability.


Through innovation, quality, diversity, relevance and extraordinary service, we are committed to creating and managing sustainable developments and master-planned communities that enrich the lives of our customers and cater to the well-being and professional fulfillment of our employees. Using best-in-class standards throughout our processes, we are dedicated to continuously meet and exceed expectations and serve the community needs at large.


Contact us for more information @ (507) 334-2509

If you are interesting in scheduling a walk-through of any of our 206 South Broadway commercial leasing spaces, please feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to find a time that works best for you to take a look!